Boarding and training spaces currently available! 

We also offer horses to lease at affordable prices! If we don't have the right one for you already, we will find the perfect lease horse for you! Whether it's a show horse or just a trail partner to enjoy!

Welcome to D&Z Equestrian!
High quality training for children and adults ages 5 and up, no experience (or horse of your own) needed! We will be with you every step of the way to help you reach your individual goals! 

"Become what it means to be a true Equestrian!

About the trainer...

Danielle Splaine (Owner/Head Trainer) is a young and devoted horsewoman with over 20 years of riding and training experience. Danielle has been riding since the young age of 4 and has been competing on multiple show circuits since she was 8 years old.  At the age of 13 she was breaking horses to ride and an assistant in teaching handicapped children to ride as well as training therapy horses. When she turned 15 she became an assistant to multiple show barn trainers, teaching lessons and training the show horses. At age 18 she went professional and started her own business which is how D&Z came to be! Danielle believes in a kind, calm, rewarding, but firm approach in training horses and riders. Believing that every horse/rider is different and no set training method should be used, Danielle works with both horse and rider personally and picks out the best methods to help them understand what is being asked and perform to the best of their ability. Danielle also specializes in training Akhal-Teke horses. Akhal-Tekes are known for being extremely difficult to train and need a lot of patience to bring them along. Danielle strongly believes in developing a strong bond between horse and rider to be successful in every aspect of riding. She will work with you to help you build that bond whether it is a school horse, lease, or your own personal horse. Whatever your goals may be, she will be with you every step of the way to make you the best Equestrian you can possibly be!

D&Z offers boarding, lessons, horse training and breaking, fixing behavioral issues, kids camps, fun barn trips, and a regular show schedule. We specialize in show jumpers, equitation, hunters, Western/Gymkhana, and helping you build a forever bond with your personal horse.

Welcome to D&Z Equestrian!

Located at the beautiful facility of Thundering Hooves Ranch in Sunland/Tujunga. Nestled in the quiet and scenic mountains of the Los Angeles Forest.